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Image by Candice Picard


Whether you are in a long term or new relationship, or even if you are currently single, come and visit one of our qualified therapists to “learn to relationship” and create a strong foundation for an enduring partnership.

The specially designed programs, brought to you by the team of talented psychologists at My Appletree, help you learn how to get the best relationship possible, or learn how to find exactly the relationship you are looking for. 

Our Vision

"With decades of experience working with individuals and couples wanting to improve their relationships, I often reflect saying, “I wish they had come in earlier,” before the fighting got so bad, before the disconnection slowly alienated them, before they made that bad choice to deal with what was going on, before the resentment set in…


I have also worked with many young couples attending pre-marriage counselling and see the enthusiasm with which they take on and apply the new relationship skills they learn, wanting to have all the conversations couples need to have to spend a life with each other. It is such a fertile time for relationship and personal growth.


With these reflections in mind I established “Better Together Relationships” - to work with individuals and couples in a preventative way with education and training so that we can all work towards being the best version of ourselves and enjoy our relationships to their fullest."


 - Melanie - 

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