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This is where to start if you are wanting to take your relationship to the next level. You may be about to tie the knot, want a display of commitment or just make sure you are doing the right thing by your relationship. We have a three session package just for you!

What you can expect in our "Better Together Couples" Package

​A three session customised package helps you talk about all the things you should discuss before embarking on a long term relationship and increase your understanding of your partner.

When you make your appointment we will send you a questionnaire to complete which provides the content for us to discuss in your sessions.

Our comprehensive questionnaire will cover the following topics:


What are each of your roles and responsibilities in the household?

What are your hopes and goals around your living arrangements?

Children & Parenting

Differences and similarities on parenting styles 

Future family plans

Religion & Spirituality

Is religion & spirituality a part of your togetherness


How will you manage your finances individually and as a couple?

What are your financial goals?

How will finances  impact your relationship?


Better emotional connection with your partner


How to negotiate all the fun things


What are your individual career goals

How will your careers impact the relationship


How your personal, physical & mental health impacts your relationship

Family of Origin

Influences of our family background on us


How to manage conflict and learn more about each other

How to be heard and understood

Explore the concepts of trust, forgiveness and boundaries


Lets talk all things regarding Sex

Cultural Background

Traditions, cultures and customs to take forward


Part of the three session package also includes completing our tailor made personal road map. To help you navigate your future better together you will develop a customised user guide providing clear instructions on how you each work in an optimal way:  to troubleshoot, problem solve, regulate your way through life’s ups and downs. 

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