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This package is for you if you are looking for a fulfilling relationship. You may want to build your relational confidence, better understand what you bring to and need from a relationship or may be having challenges navigating your way through today’s dating world.


What you can expect in our “Better Together Individuals”  package

A three session customised package helps you explore all the aspects of self and lifestyle and gain comfort, knowledge and confidence in who you are and how you relate to others. 

When you make your appointment we will send you a questionnaire to complete which provides the content for us to discuss in your sessions.

Our comprehensive questionnaire will cover the following topics:


What are your goals and hopes around your living arrangments?

Children & Parenting

What are your wishes for a future family?

Religion & Spirituality

Are religion and spirituality part of your future?


How do you manage your finances?

What are your financial goals?

Self Worth and Self Regulation

Process your emotions better

My priorities, passions and desires


How do you do fun?


What are your career goals?


How your physical and mental health impact different aspects of your life

Family of Origin

Influences of your family background on yourself and relationships


How do you manage conflict?

How to improve your communication skills


Lets talk all things regarding Sex

Cultural Background

Traditions, cultures and customs to take forward

The Better Together Personal Roadmap

Part of the three session package also includes completing our tailor made personal road map. Your customised user guide provides clear instructions on how you work in an optimal way:  to troubleshoot, problem solve, regulate your way through life’s ups and downs. 

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