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  • Michaela Josephson

The Big O

Here at Better Together Relationships, we talk a lot about sexual health for individuals and couples and today we want to do just that whilst exploring something new! If you could, would you seek a treatment to help improve your ability to orgasm and the quality of your orgasm? Well I am here to tell you about a little something (or should I say a big something) called The O Shot (short for Orgasm Shot).

You may have heard of the infamous “Vampire Facial.” The O Shot is just like it but for… you guessed it, your vagina. So how does it work? Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains cellular regenerating growth factors and when it is injected into the clitoris or G spot tissue, blood flow is increased and vascularisation of the area is improved resulting in an increase in nerve sensitivity. This results in an overall increase in sensitivity and sexual response in the vagina. Prior to PRP exploding into the domestic market, it was and still is regularly used in sports medicine to heal injuries. So if you want some help getting “your favourite athlete off the bench and back on the court” so to speak then continuing reading as this might be the treatment for you.

Who should consider the O shot?

Well it has been known to improve the following in some patients:

  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation

  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms

  • Increased libido

  • Increased natural lubrication

  • Decreased pain during intercourse

  • Decreased urinary incontinence

  • Firmer and smoother vulva skin

After hearing about this treatment, yours truly went in to the beautiful medical spa, SM Aesthetic Lab in Crows Nest (conveniently on the same street as our practice!) for a consult with Maddy, one of the cofounders and owners of the lab. After 30 minutes and approximately 3,655 questions later I was sold, “Ok! I volunteer as tribute!”.

I decided to make the ultimate girls day out of this and I went in with two of my closest friends, because what says bonding more than experiencing needles in your lady parts together, right! Let's call the gals friend A (mum of 2, in a long term marriage) and friend B (newly single, young professional). Friend A was seeking the treatment for an increase in lubrication and increase in libido. Friend B wanted the treatment for stronger and more frequent orgasms and increased lubrication. And I was just along for the ride to see what happened with no goal in mind! Because you know, I had to do it for you guys to make sure I truly knew what I was writing about! And I mean the added bonus of intensified orgasms didn’t exactly scare me off!

The experience starts right from when you enter the premises and see the beautiful reception area and team. The clinic is modern, fresh and very much represents its name “Aesthetic”. The staff are friendly, informative and very welcoming. As we all walk in to the treatment room the lovely Maddy talks us through the whole procedure before beginning, making sure you’re comfortable, she then applied topical numbing cream both internally and externally on the vulva and vagina. While the numbing cream is taking effect she takes your blood and then spins it to get the good stuff ready! After this she injects your clitoris and G spot with a nerve block. A few giggles and funny one liners are exchanged with Maddy, making me feel as comfortable as possible, then she injects the PRP.

The first question I get from people when I say I’ve done this procedure is, “does it hurt?!”. And the short answer is, No! The numbing cream and nerve block made the whole procedure feel like a 2/10. To give you an idea of my pain threshold, I cry when I get my eye brows waxed! The procedure is very convenient too. It took about 30 minutes to perform the whole procedure from start to finish and you can resume normal activity right after the procedure. On top of that, the procedure presents little to no risk. The only thing is, you can’t try how O-mazing it is right away as Maddy recommends no sex for 3 days post procedure to avoid infection.

So after those three days, that feel like the longest days ever right now, how long does it take for the results to kick in? The first 3 to 7 days post procedure you will experience heightened sensation in the area due to the actual fluid injection. It isn’t however until the 3 month mark that the treatment will reach its peak as new tissue has developed. The results then last around 12 months!

And what were our results…. Well we are 2.5 months post procedure now and it is safe to say that the team at SM Aesthetic lab like to keep their promises! All three of us achieved our goals and have “O” so much enjoyed the results.

Like us, the wonderful owners of the lab are big advocates for women’s health and sexual health so they want to offer a discount for anyone contacting them through Better Together Relationships in order to help make the procedure more accessible! If the team at Better Together Relationships feels you might benefit from this treatment we will refer you to the wonderful team for your consult. If you would like to book in your consult directly then you can call the lab on 02 9437 0777.

Just a little side note on SM Aesthetic Lab: They offer a whole range of services outside of the O shot as well, including facials, eyebrow tattooing, dermal fillers, botox and more. All services are delivered by a team of specialists including doctors, nurses, and dermal therapists.


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