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About Us...

Better Together Relationships is a program designed by the talented team at My Appletree, a group of experienced therapists and psychologists. 

They have taken their knowledge and created a curated method to guide couples and individuals along the right path so that you can have your ideal relationship. 

Think of it as learning to be in a relationship, or learning how to find your ultimate relationship. 

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In a relationship...

For couples wanting to explore the program, the following topics will be covered in discussion, and new skills will be learnt for each. 

  • Mastering the art of healthy communication

  • Coming together successfully as a couple - across finances, household roles, intimacy, sex or parenting

  • Supporting one another with both individual and couple goals across areas such as career, education and well-being

  • Creating a better understanding of how family and culture influences a relationship

Seeking a relationship...

When you're searching for a relationship, it's important to know what you are looking for in your ideal partner.


To ensure you are in the best place to seek a fulfilling relationship, we discuss topics such as:

  • Compatibility and choosing the right partner

  • Commitment and readiness for a healthy relationship

  • Chemistry, confidence and connection

  • How to make relationship choices that work for you

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My Appletree are a group of registered psychologists who focus on relationships - with yourself, your partner, your family, your friends and your colleagues. 

Based in St Leonards, Sydney, this team of professionals work from a holistic perspective, acknowledging that we are more than just a sum of our parts.

As well as offering the Better Together Relationships program, they also offer couples counselling, individual therapy, personal coaching, child and adolescent therapy, sexual health therapy and remedial massages. 

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